BHUMI, from the earth

From ancient Sanskrit, one of the oldest, most sacred languages of our civilization, and the birthplace of ancient wisdom, comes Bhumi (earth), a revolutionary new line of make up brushes for professional artists, teens, and women on the go.

We believe that the earth is the source and mother of all beauty. That’s why Bhumi make up brushes were carefully designed and masterfully crafted by human hands to achieve beauty in harmony with nature. Created by professionals who understand the unique beauty in all of us, Bhumi brushes magnify the natural ability of every make up artist and consumer to manifest inner beauty with the simplest techniques, in the shortest amount of time, in a manner that promotes health and respects nature.

Beauty is in everyone
Bhumi unites 25 years of knowledge and passion with the latest technology to create tools that achieve  amazing results, while freeing you to use your preferred make up product, within your budget. We hope that our line of Bhumi brushes enhance your unique beauty, pay tribute to individuality, and release your passion and creative vision.

Beauty with benefits, without cruelty
For us, Bhumi is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a choice to pursue beauty, health, and quality without cruelty. Our synthetic bio-strand fibers are not harvested from animals and are more durable, pliable, and achieve optimum results with every make up application. They mimic the texture, feel, and consistency of animal hair, yet have more strength than animal hair brushes, do not deteriorate, and restore to original shape after a thorough cleansing. Each brush is versatile, delivers precise application, and as a bonus, is two sided, allowing multiple applications with a single brush.

And best of all, because they are not made from animal hair, Bhumi brushes are hypoallergenic, resist bacteria, and assist in maintaining a clear complexion. Bhumi, it’s the brushes that make the face.

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