BHUMI Cosmopolitan Latina Magazine & Destination Vegas, Produce International Competition


BHUMI proudly provided its state of the art makeup brushes to the reputable makeup artists and salons competing at the Battle of the Strands Mexico Qualifier Round.

On September 2, 7pm at the Foro Masaryk, VIP’s, Media, respected personalities of the industry and supporters of all teams competing will be treated to a display of the hottest trends and couture avant garde in a scale that has never been seen before!

At the end of the competition, 2 teams out of 6 will be chosen to come to Las Vegas and compete with winners from Qualifying Rounds in NYC, Orlando, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico.

We can’t wait to see who among the very best in Mexico & Panama will make it!!

BHUMI Events Continue in Orlando & Las Vegas!

Leading makeup artists & their teams came together in an exceptional display of makeup skills at the Orlando & Las Vegas Qualifier Rounds of Battle of the Strands.

The competitions were held at the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show, followed by the International Beauty Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, commanding a crowd of almost 100,000 beauty professionals combined.

“Being a judge and choosing a winner at the Las Vegas Qualifier is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I also watched with excitement how they used BHUMI Makeup Brushes to create their masterpiece.” – Kari Kisch, President

BHUMI Sponsors Makeup Artist and Stylist International Competition

BHUMI is the Official Makeup Brushes of NYC Qualifier Round of Battle of the Strands!

Known as the “Rolls Royce of Makeup Brushes”, professional makeup artists in NYC discovered BHUMI as they competed to be among the top 12 teams from the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama, coming to Las Vegas for the last leg of an explosive competition among the Masters of Beauty and Fashion.

BHUMI President, Kari Kisch, witnessed outstanding display of creative genius. “BHUMI is happy to support an event that celebrates the artists of beauty.”

Battle of the Strands is a Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe competition among the biggest names in the beauty industry.

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