Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What does Bhumi mean and what is your philosophy?
 Bhumi in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages known to man, means true earth. We seek to create products that are in harmony with nature, that benefit your health,  without harm to animals.  The unique design and features of our almost-perfect system of brushes promotes discovery of your inner and outer beauty, with your preferred makeup, at your budget.

2.  What makes Bhumi brushes unique? 
Bhumi was specified and designed with precision with input from the most respected professional make up artists today. From the way it carries and delivers cosmetics, to the way it feels, to the angle of the brushes, tension, and placement of the fibers, Bhumi is one of the most effective make up application tools you will ever enjoy.

3. Are Bhumi Brushes free from animal hair?
 Yes, Bhumi brushes utilize a man made fiber, designed to be even more pliable, durable, versatile, and precise than those made of animal hair. In addition, Bhumi brushes are hypoallergenic and promote healthy skin and complexion.

4.  Why are animal hair make up brushes more prone to cause allergic reactions?
 Animal hair in its natural state is more porous than synthetic fiber. Bacteria can build more easily on natural fibers and transfer onto skin surfaces. Although most natural fiber brushes are treated, why risk it? Once you try, Bhumi we are sure you’ll agree.

5. How can I keep my Bhumi Brushes clean?
 Bhumi recommends that you wash your brushes with gentle shampoo and mild, temperate water. Dampen the brush, add a small amount of shampoo, and rinse with temperate water until all suds are rinsed free. Remove excess water with a gentle squeeze and shape brush into original style while lying flat to dry on a towel.

6.  How often do I need to clean my Bhumi brushes?
 Bhumi recommends that you clean your personal brushes once a week. For individuals that use their brushes on multiple individuals, it is highly recommended that you clean them after each unique use.

7.  Are there tricks and techniques I should know in using Bhumi Brushes?
 There are multiple techniques a makeup artist uses to translate their vision. Some of these are in direct accordance with the angle, intensity, and placement of the brush. Bhumi is planning a very specific training series in the near future to demonstrate how best to use our brushes for optimum results.

8.  Why are Bhumi Brushes grouped as sets? What does each set do and how should I know which set is best for me? 
Makeup application is a very personal choice and we designed sets for the unique needs of each customer.

9.  Where can I buy Bhumi Make Up Brushes?
 Bhumi make up brushes are currently available through this website and through In the coming months, we will provide more information on purchasing Bhumi Brushes from retail outlets closest to you.

10.  Does your company offer Pro-Discount?

As an industry professional, we appreciate and welcome your alliance with Bhumi. Please contact us to learn more about our discount programs.

11.  I have a retail outlet, How can I become an authorized distributor?
 Bhumi distributors are qualified to ensure mutual success. Please inquire about an application at

12.  Will you offer more Bhumi products in the future? 
Yes, please check our website periodically for information on new Bhumi collections suited for the different conditions, uses, and fields of specialization required for makeup application.

13.  What does a value warranty mean?

We value our consumers and stand behind the quality of our make up brushes. Whenever you choose to replace your used Bhumi brush for any reason, please mail it directly to us, and we will replace it with a new one at a 40% discount from our retail price. Contact us at

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