“I think that the BHUMI Precision Foundationbrush would provide a much more precise method for patients to apply Retin-A and Tazorac gel evenly than simply using their fingers, avoiding application of too much gel in areas such as the sides of the nose and lower eyelids, which sometimes results in skin irritation severe enough to cause patients to stop using them.

I tried using the brush to apply Retin-A gel myself and was amazed by how easy it was and how much less medicine was needed to cover the same area compared with applying the medication by hand.

I will start suggesting to patients that this would be a good way for them to apply these gels. I will point out that the money saved by applying less medication to get the same or better results would more than cover the cost of the brush.”

DR. KARL HEINE, MD, Dermatologist, Las Vegas NV


“The hottest make up brushes in Hollywood! Bhumi is so far the most technologically advanced make up brushes available. It does not harm any animal and it feels like silk. My wife and my daughter absolutely love them!”

DR GADGET (AKA Dave Dettman)


“I really like all the Bhumi loose powder brushes! They hold up well even with my very strong and potent brush cleaner. You can’t beat the price for this kind of make up brushes!”

LA VEY ORTIZ, Celebrity Make Up Artist, Las Vegas NV


“I would like to let you know that I absolutely love the Bhumi brushes. I like the fact that they are soft (Big plus for sensitive skin), they apply powders and eye shadows well providing me with even application.”

LIS FUENTES, Businesswoman, Exports LA California


“I absolutely love the Bhumi Smart Foundation, I have never been able to apply streak free liquid foundation before I started using it. The Genius Face is my next favorite because my finishing powder blends so well that my face is always glowing. I can never use other make up brushes. When I started using Bhumi on myself and my clients, I could never go back!”

MARI LARA, Make-Up Artist and Aesthetician for 10 years, Las Vegas Nevada


“I absolutely love the Bhumi brushes. The texture, how it feels on your skin, above anything else is amazing! It is really durable, unlike the animal hair brushes I used before that will always make me pick up little hair fall out on my client’s face. With my Bhumi brushes, there was NEVER a fallout the whole time I used them. When I clean my Bhumi brushes, they always go back to the shape when I first had them. They are amazing brushes!”

CRYSTAL RUSH, Kim Vo Salon Make Up Artist, Las Vegas, Nevada


“I have always wanted to use my bare minerals powder but I keep getting breakouts. My friend told me to try changing my make up brush because I might be allergic to the animal hair. I finally saw the Bhumi Genius Face Brush on bestbeautyproductstoday.com and WOW! NO MORE BREAKOUTS!!! I love love love it!”

JESSICA RENE , Saint George, Utah


“Today I had an amazing makeup experience: using my awesome Bhumi Genius Face brush, I applied my bare minerals the same as always and for the first time ever (ever!) my skin looked beautiful. Really! I finally saw that ‘glow’ that I always see on tv but at home it always looks powdery. I don’t know why, but today it happened on my very own face and I loved it. I also bought eyebrow powder and used my Bhumi Exact Brow and Liner brush to fill in my brows (using the pamphlet so I could follow directions, of course!) and everything worked great. Thanks so much. I will tell all my friends about your awesome tools!”

Lisa Czajka, Businesswoman Las Vegas


“Rushing as usual trying not to miss my flight, I threw my make up into my suit case and rushed out the door. The next morning at my destination I realized I left my Bhumi brushes at home and was stuck with my old make up brushes. Well, no worries I thought to myself, make up brushes are all the same it won’t make a difference what ones I have right? Boy was I wrong! It took me twice as long to do my makeup, not because my bushes where smaller, they are the exact same size.. But I had to pull off the little hairs it left all over my face! I don’t have much time in my day to pull off little hairs that my makeup brush left behind. I also realized that inexpensive makeup that I get at the drug store now looked expensive. With Bhumi brushes you would think I spent hundreds of dollars on my makeup. I threw out my old brushes and vowed to never leave without my Bhumi brushes again!”

Alexandra Poulakis, Model Las Vegas

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